Industries Served

Financial Services

Anjolen has extensive experience delivering cyber security services to the financial services sector.  We understand the complexities of this highly regulated industry and assist clients in achieving compliance while protecting their most valuable digital assets.  


Protecting data without interfering with an open learning environment is an ongoing challenge in educational institutions.  Our experience in primary, secondary and higher education can help create a security program that balances the needs of compliance, security and collaboration.


With years of experience securing entities in the non-profit space, Anjolen understands the challenges of data protection in an environment where technical and financial resources can be limited.  We recognize the need to maintain compliance and meet industry standards without detracting from the overall mission of the organization.


Already on the front lines of the fight against disease and illness, healthcare providers of all kinds are increasingly also the preferred target for cyber attacks.  Anjolen has the experience, knowledge and capability to navigate the complex regulatory environment faced by our doctors, hospitals and providers in order to achieve comprehensive and effective security that works in the small office and on a large scale.


Long equipment life cycles, strong uptime needs, and pressures to rapidly automate have made this sector prime targets for cyber attacks.  Anjolen has experience with manufacturers of all sizes and can bring practical cyber security solutions to these challenging environments.


With our roots in government service, Anjolen has extensive experience in securing environments at the local, state and federal level.  We bring our knowledge of protecting some of the most sensitive data in the world to achieve the best results on every client engagement.