September Chamber Workshop with Anjolen

Claudie Tenney with SBDC and Anjolen

Tenney hosts cybersecurity workshop in Rome - 7/31/18

Congresswoman Claudia Tenney on Tuesday hosted a cybersecurity workshop for small businesses that need protection.

ROME – Congresswoman Claudia Tenney hosted a cybersecurity workshop on Tuesday for small businesses that need protection.

The workshop was held at the Rome Chamber of Commerce, and it was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center and Anjolen Cybersecurity.

Representatives for 20 businesses attended the workshop, some of which sell products and others that sell services.

According to local business officials, cybersecurity threats do not discriminate, and the victim doesn’t always recover.

“It could be the downfall of a company,” said Roxanne Mutchler, director of the Small Business Development Center. “Unfortunately there are many companies that do not recover as the result of a cyber attack. Some do and many do, but there are others that are unable to.”

“Nearly 50% of small businesses experience cyber-attacks,” Tenney said in a news release. “However, our small businesses rarely have the additional resources to invest in improving cybersecurity as it is often a complex and costly undertaking. This forum will provide our local small business community with training on methods to mitigate cyber-attack risks and provide guidance on ways to harden cyber infrastructure. I am grateful to the Mohawk Valley SBDC and the Rome Chamber of Commerce for working alongside our office to provide this important training for our local business community.”

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses - Tuesday, July 31, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM EDT

Location: Rome Chamber of Commerce, 139 W. Dominick Street, Rome, NY 13440

Small businesses realize that continued cyber threats make cybersecurity a real concern.
This workshop will help organizations understand the threats they are facing and assist them to mitigate the risks.

Join us to learn:
Who is behind cybersecurity breaches?
Why are they a threat and how do they operate?
Who is being targeted?
Best practices: What can small businesses do to protect themselves?

There is no fee to attend, but pre-registration is required. Register today as space is limited:

About the Presenters:
Joe Giordano of AnjolenJoseph Giordano is Vice President of Anjolen, a small business that specializes in cybersecurity, cyber operations, and computer forensics. Joe is the Director of Cybersecurity Undergraduate and Graduate Programs at Utica College. He is a former computer scientist at the USAF Research Laboratory and Technical Adviser to Cyber Operations Research and Development at USAF. He is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the Operations Security Professionals Society. He earned a master’s degree from Syracuse University.



Michelle Tuttle of AnjolenMichelle Tuttle is Chief Training and Development Manager at Anjolen, where she manages all client engagements. She is an Identity Theft Prevention Expert with expertise in cybersecurity, compliance and marketing/PR. She earned a master’s degree in cybersecurity from Utica College.




Brought to you by: Anjolen, Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center, and the Rome Area Chamber of Commerce.

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