Why do we need cybersecurity?

Cyber-attacks target many businesses, including manufacturing companies, nonprofit organizations, financial institutions, government organizations, and many other business entities. The constant advances in technology and cyber threats continue to increase, and pose vulnerability to all businesses and their security.

Am I really at risk for cyber-attacks?

Yes, everyone is a potential target. Though many recent victims of cybercrime are manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and financial institutions, no company is immune from a cyber-attack including cyber hacking, social engineering, malware, ransomware, or data theft.

Why do employees need cybersecurity training?

Without cybersecurity training for employees, human vulnerabilities exist that can make an organization susceptible to a cyber-attack or data breach. Cybersecurity training is necessary to ensure employees understand how to identify a potential attack such as a phishing email and how to mitigate the risk. It helps them understand the risks and consequences of not taking necessary precautions. With new attacks and risks continuing to arise, cybersecurity training is always changing and employees need to be updated on new threats on a regular basis.